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What if...

What if…..

Every morning I woke up without hesitation….

Put my best foot forward and had all the patience.

Wrote my best work without fear of opinion.

Spoke in front of hundreds with the confidence of an Olympian.

What if I ignored the self-limiting lies

What if I believed all of God’s promises

Walked as the daughter of a king

Head held high

What if I told women about my encounter with the Holy Spirit when I was baptized and how I was delivered from this world

What if I believed I was set apart for purpose to walk in step, not before, not behind, but to walk side by side with the Lord

What if I stepped off the boat and kept my eyes locked on him, trusting his perfect timing

Explore the season I am in rather than denying it.

What if I walked boldly in my power of prayer and mirror the woman I admire

I do not belong to this world.

What if I walked in faith and not in fear

Stood firmly in hope and joy.

What if I loved without borders, practice peace with understanding

What if I truly believed my story has been written…. I just have to be the one to put it into fruition

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