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Caressa M, MA

Life coaching with Desiree was an amazing experience! She asked such introspective questions and allowed me the time and space to truly reflect and answer them honestly. I felt seen and safe while speaking to her about my life and gained a ton of insight about myself in the process!! She knew just the right tools to suggest to help me accomplish my goals and was supportive and empathetic throughout all of our sessions. I looked forward to our meetings every week and would highly recommend her to anyone without pause.

Anonymous, NC

Desiree provides a safe place to be yourself and share your struggles openly. Desiree is a good listener and asks good questions to help you get to your goals. I'm so thankful for Desiree's support and presence in my life!

Dana R, RI

Desiree was just what I needed to get me going on my sober journey.  It's funny cause she actually helped me a few years ago, when she was a sober mom, but  before she was officially a sober coach. 

  But then after 9 months I went back to drinking.  I wanted to quit but just didn't have the motivation.     When I heard Desiree has graduated and is actually doing sober coaching , 

I signed up for some sessions. What I love about her is that she asks questions about what's going on and then she uses the answer I gave her to guide me and to give advice and resources to get right at the problems I am having. 

I have quit drinking again and am feeling so much better already. Desiree 's God driven approach works for me.

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