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Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. -Proverbs 4:23

Sometimes our foundation is bled on by our broken hearts. Our past is intertwined with generational curses, loss, joy, confusion, laughter, blessings and the such. Many of us stay stagnant moving through this maze slowly while trying to ignore the transition of growth and the pain of the trauma. Some of us mask our pain and enter the life of addiction keeping us trapped in the roots of the life that once was, keeping it forefront, allowing us to continue to relive the hurt in a blurred state…… making us victims, unable to see past the pain.

We continue to protect our heart at all cost. Hurting others before they hurt us. Manipulating events to fit our narrative and catastrophizing our lives because we don’t see how we are supposed to do life after all we have been through. But was this really a form of preservation or just self sabotage?? Maybe we were suppose to bleed a little each time in order to see why the wound was formed in the first place. Where did it stem from? And how would it form us? I think we were suppose to get curious about it, forgive and let love grow from it.

When your heart cannot endure anymore masking it breaks wide open. The false layer of protection addiction provided cannot stand any longer. The heart yearns for connection and mending. It breaks because it wants to feel the pain in order to move through it. Removing alcohol is just the first step to allow the light to poke through. The light is what helps us to heal.

Continue to protect your heart but let it break a little. Over time those pieces will mend together and infuse with the glow of the shine that was dimmed so many years ago. The pain from the past has now stopped bleeding, mixed-with the light of healing will produce the outward roots towards the world. This is our expansion. Our heart is now bursting with a fresh sense of perspective and is ready to take care of the feelings that run through it. My wish for you today is to grow from your foundation, leave the hurt behind and let love grow.

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